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Here at La'Kel Lyfe Interventions we assist individuals with transformational techniques, listed below you will find a few of our services that we offer

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in workplace or in one’s personal life can hinder progress. This is because, when there is conflict, you find it hard to make decisions.
La’Kel helps to deal with dysfunctional conflict issues that inhibits productivity in the work place or in your everyday personal life. We specialize in dealing in conflict dynamics, de-escalation, negotiation, mediation, dialogue processes, and cultural sensitivity in conflict issues. We encourage positive relationships, and organizational effectiveness as this is the only way to maximize productivity.

Financial Strategist Consulting

Handling finance can be tricky as you might find it hard to understand some fundamental principles like risk management and leverage.
La’Kel can serve as your financial strategist consultant and help you learn the essential principles such as risk management, leverage, and knowing your competitive edge. We also have experience and expertise in wealth building along with many variety methods of skills inquiring and questioning that will helps you think more clearly and prioritize the critical issues that can make a difference in achieving your financial goals.


Success is not an easy thing. This is because on the way to success, there are lots of challenges or roadblocks.
We offer well thought strategies or concepts to address blockage in the way of your growth and success. You have to be prepared for the challenge, which would allow you to broaden your horizon and thought process. On some occasions, you may be given assignments and writing exercises with the expectation of being ready to discuss it upon the next scheduled coaching session.

Time Management

One of the best practices to become successful is to know how to effectively manage your time.
At La’Kel, we believe that good time management should help you to work smarter, not harder. This is why we help you learn how to plan and exercise conscious control over the amount of time you spend on specific activities. Learning to do this would help increase your effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Transforming Money Concepts

The way individuals view money can be wrong sometimes. This is because most people believe the only way for them to achieve financial goals is to keep saving without spending and avoiding department store. This is an incorrect mindset.
At La’Kel, we teach you how to come up with concepts or strategies to overcome challenges on your way of success or financial goals. We have prepared challenge, which would allow you to broaden your horizon and thought process. With your thoughts broadened, you would be able to see challenges as stepping stones to achieving your financial goals.

Financial Literacy

This is the ability to understand how to make money, manage it and invest it.
At La’Kel, we teach you the best ways to make money, and how to utilize it efficiently. We do this by teaching you how to be familiar with your own finances, set financial goals, develop a budget and also how to stick to that budget. We also teach you ways to avoid common money management mistakes and how to identify unreliable sources of information.

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La’Kel’s mission is to help the next generation build their Lyfe’s Legacy Blue Print one step at a time. She achieves this by teaching her clients to have a clear vision, strong foundation, structural support and to develop a definitive plan of action.