About Laverne Farley

Who is Laverne "La'Kel" Farley

La’Kel Farley is a Best Selling Author, Conflict Resolution Transformation Leadership Specialist, Motivational Speaker, and the COO of La’Kel Lyfe Intervention LLC., located in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a young adult La’Kel embarked upon the corporate world of finance where she studied and learned Banking & Finance Securities. After many years in corporate America she was inspired to start her own company. La’Kel is very passionate about working and helping within the community, finding people who are trying to live courageously to their fullest potential. La’Kel’s journey was inspired with her own everyday life experience from Divorce, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, and Sexual Assault. Through her life she has firmly stood on her principles of Faith, Integrity, and Honor.

La’Kel has turned her passion into her life’s’ dream and legacy with the determination to make a difference in the next generation. Her highest point of accomplishment is in 2016 which was to finish and publish a book which was released in 2017, titled I’m Grown, Now What! Her inspiration for writing this book has been her son and from her life being touched with special needs family members. Her desire is to make sure that young adults are given the opportunity to develop the first steps into adulthood & financial literacy. In 2018 La'Kel stayed committed to her passion by launching Straight Grown Talk Radio. This podcast show was developed as a continuation of La'Kels determination to further deal with this generation inability to cope with real life everyday issues on topics such as Financial Literacy, Time Management, Money Concepts, Business Ownership, and being a productive citizen. In 2019 LaKel expanded her concept of Straight Grown Talk and started a Talk Show.