About La-Kel

About La'Kel

They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade but they never tell you how hard that can be without proper support or path or any idea about what’s going on…Being lost without direction. La’Kel helps you with exactly what you’re missing in life and to get you back on your feet. We all fall and we all have the capability to stand back up with proper help.

La'Kel Lyfe Intervention LLC was successfully launched in 2015, then working to empower the lives of ordinary people and helps those live extraordinary lives. Our professional and well trained team at La'Kel Lyfe Intervention LLC examines your everyday routine, habits and lifestyle to identify where improvements can be made while teaching you how to accept and challenge your willingness, to turn a failure into a new set of motivation, how to be content with what is already given, redefining your relationship with the people you care about and creating a better mental environment whether you’re at the office or with your family.

In 2016 we made a bold conscientious decision to start working with our young adults in assisting them into their first introductory steps of adulthood. The company's new focus would be on career navigation, time management, transforming money concepts, conflict resolution, and finally, financial literacy. Our mission is to Building Your Lyfes Legacy Blue Print one step at a time.

Apart from running the company, to help and reach out to a larger population in 2017 La’Kel Lyfe Intervention, Co- published its first financial literacy book entitled I’m Grown, Now What!. The main focus with our youth adults is to prepare them for life. With this in mind, the company decided to start a 12-week step by step program guiding you into your new adventure. Let us work together, let us build a safer, powerful and aggressive plan of action to help you build a happier tomorrow.

Our Mission

La'Kels, life mission, is to help you build your Lyfe’s Legacy Blue Print and be able to stand up on your own two feet, be able to support your selves and your families. At La’Kel we teach our clients how to broaden their horizon, clear their minds, get rid of all the toxicity that is stopping them from excelling in life and making a strong basis, a new foundation upon which they will set a new path to success by developing a definitive plan of action.