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Welcome to La’Kel- A Transformational Conflict Resolution Company. At La’Kel, we help you recognize your dream goals, give you the motivation to envision them and the strength and ability to make them come true. In this process, we also help to pinpoint the exact reasons which prevent you from becoming your best self, things that are stopping you from reaching your life goals and how to overcome your obstacles. We help to deal with flawed conflict issues that disrupt your everyday life. We specialize in dealing with conflict dynamics, de-escalation, negotiation, mediation, dialogue processes, and cultural sensitivity in conflict issues. We encourage positive relationships, and organizational effectiveness as this helps maximize productivity.

As a transformational strategy coach, our aim is to help you build your life’s blueprint one step at a time. We achieve this by teaching our clients how to build and develop a definitive plan of action.In order to achieve this, we assist our clients in developing skills that would help them improve their ability to function more effectively and not lose hope, remain steadfast in situations of crisis or when life just generally becomes too overwhelming. .


Some of our services:


Our company teaches techniques that will assist you improving your ability to function more effectively even when life's pressure is too over whelming.

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We teach individuals to gather and explore information that is crucial for the development of our clients solid financial decisions.

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